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Handyman Remodeling Service has a solid reputation for delivering exceptional services in Salt Lake City and surrounding areas. There's always something that needs to be fixed around the house. Instead of spending your valuable time trying to keep up with all the items on your to-do list, why not give us a call instead.

For any of your general home maintenance needs, you can count on our handyman help to deliver quality workmanship. Check out the handyman projects below for a full list of services.

From bathrooms and kitchens to flooring and tiling, even major exterior repairs, Handyman Remodeling Service can handle any residential project large or small.

As people age, there are many health and mobility challenges that can interfere with the ability to live independently, Handyman Remodeling Service is here to provide handyman help.


Handyman Remodeling Service in Salt Lake City & FAQ

There's always something that needs to be fixed around the house. Let us help, Call Us!

General Handyman Information

At Handyman Remodeling Service, customer satisfaction drives our brand and our business. If you should have an issue with any aspect of our work for you, please contact us immediately so we can make it right.

Common Handyman Job Lengths & Prices

Here are examples of some of the more common services and how long they take:

  • Replace a ceiling light fixture, structurally hang a picture, repair leaking pipe, replace a torn screen, repair broken sprinkler, plant a tree – 1-2 hours
  • Drywall repair (smaller sections, not an entire room), mount shelves – 2-3 hours
  • Replace window, hang a new door (includes shims, sanding, framework adjustments), woodwork repair – 3-4 hours
  • Repair a wall, install heating and air registers, install carpet in a small room, tile a bathroom floor, install kitchen or bathroom cabinets – 4+ hours

Handyman Remodelling Service also charges by the job. Here are some examples:

  • Hall light installation: $65
  • Replace Electrical switch or plug: $65
  • Change toilet valve: $75
  • Bathroom faucet installation: $90
  • Hang ceiling fan (normal height): $100
  • Install garbage disposal: $150
  • Install toilet bowl: $150
  • Install kitchen sink: $250-$300

Why choose us?

Every contract and every project is very important to us. Your satisfaction is top priority on our list!


Handyman Remodeling Service has more than 30 years of experience in business and in the construction industry

Superior Quality

Providing excellence in residential and commercial remodeling, home improvement, repairs and upgrades


We are a locally owned, professional company committed to quality home improvement, repair and updates

Competitive Rates

Not only competitive rates but also we give each customer a written warranty and we only use quality materials